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Chesil Beach - the Fleet
Portland is a great place and something we Portlander's never tire of seeing it around us, some may and I am about to make that worse... ;o)

A few years ago I had a bit of a pickle in life, my ex landlord illegally evicted me, you Portlander's know this bully... anyway needing to do something about it and fast I and some great friends who were a massive help created something unique... 

Portland Quarryman's dream

Dreamy days... 
I recently shared a Portland poem on here by Bob Wollage, having a few people contact me saying they liked reading local poems, I am happy to share another great one from Bob, thanks go again to Sylv for sharing this with me...


Dawn comes -
Silent - like grief, stirring the dregs of night with cold tears.
Wooden crane jib leans - silhouette
against lowering clouds -
blackened - weatherbeaten -
by the West winds sullen hostility.

Life tired old quarryman -
stare and dream.
Watching impassive cranes display their dead strength -
in quarries.
He hears -
Dull thud of steel on stone -
protest of wheels as they strain,
Distant voices -
Familiar noises -
of which he was once part.
He's still there in spirit -
blood pulsating.

Thoughts small and fleeting -
seep through his mind -
like quiet breezes.
times scenes and faces -
longed for places- pass
and are gone -
graveward -
As death will come -
Tearing life's pattern -
from inert brain.

Bob Wollage - July 1980

Being a stonemason myself... I can relate. :o)
Poems are great in that they share something in a way stories can't.

Do you have any poems to share? Want to see it on this site?

Portland Bill - Underhill

Portland Bill - Underhill.

Isle of Portland poems...

The Isle of Portland has had a few budding poets overs the years.

Nice to read them and more so when done in the accent...

Thanks to Sylv for this Poem which is by Bob Wollage, written in 1987...